Cambium Networks MXTX2028GFPA10 Intelligent Ethernet PoE Switch, Cambium Sync,  16 x 1gbps, 8 x SFP, and 4 SFP+, Removeable Power Supply  (not included)

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    Cambium Networks MXTX2028GFPA10 Intelligent Ethernet PoE Switch, Cambium Sync,  16 x 1gbps, 8 x SFP, and 4 SFP+, Removeable Power Supply  (not included)

    Cambium Networks is pleased to announce the availability of the TX 2028RF-P switch – part of the TX 2K Tower Switch family specifically designed for WISP networks that builds on top of Cambiums’ existing cloud-managed intelligent edge architecture. The Cambium TX2028RF-P switch combines intelligent Power over Ethernet (PoE), dual redundant GPS synchronization sources, a full suite of enterprise grade Layer 2/3 features and flexible power options with an AC/DC removable power supply. The Cambium TX2028RF-P also comes with 8 1Gbps SFP fiber ports. The TX switches are fully managed and are supported in cnMaestro to provide an end-to-end view of the wired-wireless network.

    The cnMatrix™ TX Series provides the following functionality (easily accessible via the front panel):

    • Cambium (GPS) sync (for timing synchronization across Cambium radios)
      • Redundant input sync sources
        • Internal GPS module with external antenna
        • Cambium cnPulse sync generator
    • Comprehensive intelligent PoE solution
      • Standards-based active PoE: 802.3af, 802.3at, 802.3bt (up to 90W)
      • 24V Passive PoE (up to 15W)
      • 54V Passive PoE (up to 90W)
      • Flexible per port control with statistics
    • Removable Power supplies
      • AC Supplies: 600W, 930W, & 1200W options
      • DC Supplies: 600W, 930W, & 1200W options
        • Wide voltage input range: 36V–72V DC input
        • Fully Isolated—accepts negative and positive DC input, for example -48V

    The TX series includes the full range of capabilities of the cnMatrix platform of switches:

    • Full-line rate, non-blocking architecture
    • Easy and simple, free cloud (or on premise) management with cnMaestro™ or XMS*
    • Zero Touch Provisioning
    • Policy Based Automation eliminates manual and time-consuming configuration
    • Enhanced Security with automated device profiling and segmentation
    • Cloud Management ‒ Provide a common dashboard to configure and monitor a distributed network of switches
    • Zero-Touch Provisioning ‒ Enable easy deployment and initial configuration that reduces cost of network rollout
    • Policy-Based Automation ‒ Reduce network engineering time and eliminate error-prone manual configuration by automatically configuring the switch port based on the type of device connecting to the port
    • Policy-Based Automation ‒ Automatic device profiling, network segmentation, device specific policy enforcement, and auto policy cleanup:
      • Automated Device Profiling – Automatically detect type of devices that connect to the switch
      • Automated Segmentation – Assign devices to the correct network segment
      • Automated Policy Enforcement – Configure the switch port based on pre-defined device specific policy
      • Auto Configuration Clean Up and Maintenance – Delete port configuration when a device is disconnected
    •  Increased PoE power using 802.3af/at/bt with 4-PPOE ports capable of delivering up to 90W per port for PTP and PMP radios, Wi-Fi APs, and video surveillance cameras
    • Lower CAPEX: Layer 2/Layer 3 Enterprise grade switching with flexible & intelligent PoE and Cambium synchronization all in a single solution
    • Lower OPEX: Automation that improves staff efficiency, eliminates manual configuration errors, reduces the impact and time associated with security breaches by segmenting the networks into discrete security domains