Siklu EH-UPG-700-1000 Upgrade from 700 to 1000 Mbps (710TX/EH-1200TX)

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    Siklu brought to the market affordable gigabit capacity for a variety of applications. Our technology brings scalability, multi-gigabit capacity and reliability to the world of wireless networks, and we are dedicated to delivering great value through fast-and-easy-to-deploy solutions that deliver flawless, predictable performance.

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    Siklu EH-UPG-700-1000 Upgrade from 700 to 1000 Mbps (710TX/EH-1200TX)


    The EtherHaul-1200TX radio delivers up to 1000 Mbps over the uncongested 71-76GHz bands using TDD technology. Service providers and businesses can deploy affordable, interference-free point to point connectivity to future-proof their networks.

    Field Proven Best Seller

    The EtherHaul-1200TX is part of the EtherHaul-1200 series which is Siklu's flagship product line and the world's bestselling millimetre wave radio. Thousands of units have been deployed and are performing reliably in varying weather conditions all over the globe.

    Easy Spectrum Acquisition in Urban Areas

    The E-band spectrum is uncongested, even in dense urban areas. Use of a high-gain, pencil-beam antenna guarantees available spectrum anywhere and maximises spectrum re-use.

    E-band typically offers low licensing fees and quick licensing processes.

    Small Size, Easy to Deploy & Manage

    The all-outdoor radio has a tiny footprint that eases site acquisition. Its light weight and small size contributes to a quick and straightforward installation. Its user-friendly web GUI manages local and remote units and can copy configuration changes automatically to the remote unit.

    Asymmetric Capacity Optimisation

    Operating in TDD allows you to set-up asymmetric capacity configuration. Match your Upload / download rates to your application and optimise use of spectrum.

    Carrier Grade Performance Over Wireless

    High throughput and low latency combined to deliver fibre-like performance. The EH-1200TX incorporates QoS aware hitless adaptive bandwidth coding and modulation for high availability. An integrated L2 switch with an extra port enables various topologies implementation (cascade or ring) without the need for additional equipment.

    Cost Reducing All-Silicon Technology

    The EH-1200TX radio is based on Siklu's advanced integrated-silicon technology, which increases reliability and reduces size and cost. The result is a very small, very light radio with more than an 80-year MTBF and an unbeatable price to throughput value.

    Improves the Bottom Line

    The EH-1200TX provides fast Return On Investment (ROI) and minimises Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The all-silicon design delivers unbeatable price per MB value combined with a small and light form factor lowering installation costs, increasing reliability and reducing site visits.

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