Cambium Networks CV-HC2RPANA-RW cnVision Hub FLEXr Connectorized IP67 (ROW) (ANZ cord)

Product Code: CV-HC2RPANA-RW

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    Cambium Networks
    Cambium Networks

    Cambium Networks provides professional grade fixed wireless broadband and microwave solutions for customers around the world. Our solutions are deployed in thousands of networks in over 153 countries, with our innovative technologies providing reliable, secure, cost-effective connectivity that's easy to deploy and proven to deliver outstanding metrics.

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    Cambium Networks CV-HC2RPANA-RW cnVision Hub FLEXr Connectorized IP67 (ROW) (ANZ cord)

    Product Code: CV-HC2RPANA-RW

    • Robust wireless links optimized for video traffic

    •  Up to 600 Mbps - 50 feet to 5 miles (15 meters to 8 kilometers)

    •  Directly Power/Connect up to three PoE cameras or other PoE devices with MAXrp

    • Outdoor deployments for all weather conditions

    • Compatible with IP-based cameras (including ONVIF integration)

    • VMS Integration

    • Automatic Packet Retry: Lost frames due to interference are retransmitted to minimize frame loss

    • cnVision Companion: Standalone tool that allows for device discovery, network planning, and software update support.

    • VMS Integration: Seamless integration with common Video Management Systems (VMS), such as Milestone™, Genetec™ and others

    • ONVIF: Camera detection via ONVIF discovery

    • Stream Display: Camera feed display in Hub/Client UI

    cnVision is a purpose-built wireless transport solution for CCTV

    and Video Surveillance applications. System Integrators around

    the world use cnVision to deploy cameras quickly and securely

    where they are needed rather than just where the fiber extends.

    cnVision is deployable in both point-to-point or point-to-multipoint

    topologies. Combining unique capabilities like ONVIF integration

    for cameras and VMS integration for management with Cambium’s

    proven radio technology, cnVision gives system integrators the

    tools they need to deploy private wireless surveillance networks

    profitably and reliably.

    The cnVision portfolio consists of six different hardware

    modules and the software that makes planning, deployment and

    management straight-forward and reliable for even the most critical

    security and surveillance requirements. In simple point to point

    deployments the Client MICRO, MINI and MAXr or MAXrp can be

    deployed at ranges from 15 meters to 8 kilometers (50 feet to

    5 miles).

    Where multiple camera locations are needed surrounding a

    building or property, a hub and spoke or point-to-multipoint

    architecture can be deployed with the HUB 360r or HUB FLEXr

    serving as the hub and any of the clients serving as the spokes.

    Client MAXrp is the latest addition to cnVision, which simplifies

    edge camera deployments with integrated wireless transport plus

    three PoE output ports directly connecting to cameras or other

    security devices. Three integrated PoE output ports eliminate

    extra cabling, separate power supplies and an Ethernet switch,

    simplifying the installation. Any combination of three standard

    PoE devices can be used with the MAXrp including cameras, Wi-Fi

    access points, digital signs, access controls, emergency

    phones, etc.

    Designed and built for outdoor conditions, cnVision has models

    with IP67 ruggedization and all hardware includes Cambium

    Networks' 3-year hardware warranty.

    Plan your CCTV/Video surveillance wireless network using the

    cnVision Companion tool to determine how many cameras at

    which particular frame rate and resolution can be carried by each

    cnVision client.