MikroTik XQ+31LC10D QSFP28 module 40/100G SM 10km 1310nm LC-connector DDM


Product Code: XQ+31LC10D

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    MikroTik provides hardware and software for Internet connectivity. Our experience in using industry standard PC hardware and complete routing systems allowed us in 1997 to create the RouterOS software system that provides extensive stability, controls, and flexibility for all kinds of data interfaces and routing.

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    MikroTik XQ+31LC10D QSFP+ module 40/100G SM 10km

    The MikroTik 100 Gigabit product line keeps growing!

    Add this QSFP module for distances up to 10 kilometers to your CCR2216, CRS504 or CRS518 setups and enjoy real speed and ultimate reliability. This optical module offers four independent full-duplex channels with up to 25 Gbps per channel bandwidth and an aggregate bandwidth of 100 Gbps.

    The module has built-in digital diagnostic functions such as optical power, transceiver supply voltage, temperature, laser bias current monitoring, and other key parameter monitoring. These options can be helpful not only to alert the user during abnormal transceiver activity but also if specific customizable operating limits are exceeded. Monitoring allows you to plan ahead, make informed decisions and predict necessary upgrades or maintenance based on the transceiver performance.

    Product specifications:

    Product code: XQ+31LC10D
    Connector: Dual LC UPC
    Data Rate: 100Gbps
    Tested ambient temperature: 0°C .. +70°C
    Distance: 10km
    Format QSFP28
    Mode: Single Mode
    Wavelenght: 1296nm, 1300nm, 1305nm, 1309nm
    Max Power Consumption: 4.5W

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