Netonix WS-6-MINI Mini Managed Passive POE Switch

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    Netonix WS-6-MINI Mini Managed Passive POE Switch

    The Netonix® WISP Switch™ model WS-6-MINI is designed specifically for the WISP industry with a rugged chassis and extended operating temperature range. It features a simple yet powerful user interface providing the software features WISPs need in a switch, NO POWER SUPPLY INCLUDED

    Netonix® WISP Switch™ WS-6-MINI Configurable voltage / current per port

    (5) Software selectable 1G POE Ports 24V/48V

    Configureable voltage / current

      24V PoE Ports   
    Pins 4,5 (+)
    Pins 7,8 (-)

      48V PoE Ports  
    Pins 4,5 (+)
    Pins 7,8 (-)

      24VH PoE Ports  
    Pins 1,2,4,5 (+)
    Pins 3,6,7,8 (-)

      48VH PoE Ports  
    Pins 1,2,4,5 (+)
    Pins 3,6,7,8 (-)

    Ports 02-06Ports 02-06 Port 02


    Port 1 will accept passive 48VH (48-56V) using all 4 pairs like a POE

    injector used to power an airFIBRE 24 GHz. 

    • Manufactured and Assembled in North America
    • Standard Desktop / Wall mount
    • Dimensions 127mm x 118mm x 32mm
    • Operating temperature -25 to 55°C (-13 to 131° F)
    • Passive PoE current sensors on each port

    DO NOT power the WS-6-MINI  with a standard passive POE adapter

    that only supplies 48V power on 2 pairs.

    If powering the WS-6-MINI with a 48-56V barrel connector power supply 

    port 1 has no POE options, it is just a standard Ethernet port.  

    If powering the WS-6-MINI with a barrel connector power supply be

    sure to connect the ground screw to Earth Ground for ESD protection.

    48VH 1.5A passive POE port from another WISP Switch.

    48-53V DC POE adapter up to 2A like the Ubiquiti POE-50-60W

    48-53V DC barrel connector up to 2A

    Netonix Software Features 

    • LAG – Port aggregation LACP/Static

    • STP / RSTP / MSTP (MSTP available with firmware v2.0) 

    • Port mirroring and remote monitoring via Wireshark with CPSP 

    • VLAN dot1Q/QinQ/Port Trunking 

    • SNMP - complete statistical reporting 

    • SMTP alerts - configurable 

    • Bandwidth limiting per port 

    • Ping watchdog per port 

    • Scheduled port bouncing 

    • Cable Diagnostics • Loop Protection 

    • DHCP Snooping 

    • IGMP Snooping 

    • Flow Control - with back pressure 

    • Storm Control 

    • Multicast Filtering 

    • Port Isolation 

    • Auto TFTP Backup on Config Change 

    • UDP - Ubiquiti Discovery Protocol 

    • CDP - Cisco Discovery Protocol 

    • Security - access control list and login tarpit 

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