Netonix WS-6-MINI Mini Managed Passive POE Switch

Product Code: WS-6-MINI

Barcode: 858827005087

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    Netonix® designs, manufacturers, and distributes high-performance networking equipment for the WISP industry worldwide. Netonix® equipment focuses on being highly rugged, advanced and easily deployable to appeal to a fast growing global WISP industry. The Netonix® mission is to manufacture and assemble as many products possible in North America because we believe in the quality and value of products produced here providing good paying jobs that strengthen our economy.

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    Netonix WS-6-MINI Mini Managed Passive POE Switch

    Product Code: WS-6-MINI

    Managed 6 Port passive POE Switch

    100 Watt power input capacity - Power adapter (POE or Barrel) NOT included.

    (5) Gbps POE Ports

    (1) Gbps Uplink Port

    Can be powered from:

    • 48VH passive POE port up to 2A from another WISP Switch into port 1

    • 48-54V DC POE adapter up to 2A into port 1

    • 48-54V DC barrel connector up to 2A  into barrel adapter jack


    • Port 1 will accept passive 48VH (48-56V) using all 4 pairs like a POE

    injector used to power an airFIBER 24 GHz.

    • DO NOT power the WS-6-MINI  with a standard passive POE adapter

    that only supplies 48V power on 2 pairs.

    • If powering the WS-6-MINI with a 48-56V barrel connector power supply

    port 1 has no POE options, it is just a standard Ethernet port.  

    • If powering the WS-6-MINI with a barrel connector power supply be

    sure to connect the ground screw to Earth Ground for ESD protection.


    • Manufactured in North America

    • Standard Desktop / Wall mount

    • Optional DIN Rail

    • Dimensions 127mm x 118mm x 32mm

    • Operating temperature -25 to 55°C (-13 to 131° F)

    • Serial console port

    • Passive PoE current sensors on each port

    • 48VH 1.5A passive POE port from another WISP Switch.

    • 48-53V DC POE adapter up to 2A like the Ubiquiti POE-50-60W

    • 48-53V DC barrel connector up to 2A

    Netonix Software Features: 

    • LAG – Port aggregation LACP/Static

    • STP / RSTP / MSTP (MSTP available with firmware v2.0) 

    • Port mirroring and remote monitoring via Wireshark with CPSP 

    • VLAN dot1Q/QinQ/Port Trunking 

    • SNMP - complete statistical reporting 

    • SMTP alerts - configurable 

    • Bandwidth limiting per port 

    • Ping watchdog per port 

    • Scheduled port bouncing 

    • Cable Diagnostics

    • Loop Protection 

    • DHCP Snooping 

    • IGMP Snooping 

    • Flow Control - with back pressure 

    • Storm Control 

    • Multicast Filtering 

    • Port Isolation 

    • Auto TFTP Backup on Config Change 

    • UDP - Ubiquiti Discovery Protocol 

    • CDP - Cisco Discovery Protocol 

    • Security - access control list and login tarpit 

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