Ubiquiti U6-Pro UniFi AP WiFi6 Indoor 5.3Gbps with 300+ Client Capacity - No POE Injector


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    Ubiquiti Inc offers a broad and expanding portfolio of networking products and solutions for service providers and enterprises. Their service provider product platforms provide carrier-class network infrastructure for fixed wireless broadband, wireless backhaul systems and routing. Their enterprise product platforms provide wireless LAN infrastructure, video surveillance products, switching and routing solutions and machine-to-machine communication components. Ubiquiti Networks believes that their products are highly differentiated due to proprietary software protocol innovation, firmware expertise, and hardware design capabilities.

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    Ubiquiti U6-Pro UniFi 6 Access Point WiFi 6 Pro

    Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Pro Indoor, dual-band Unifi WiFi 6 access point that can support over 300 clients with its 5.3 Gbps aggregate throughput rate.

    The Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Pro Access Point WiFi 6 Pro (U6 Pro) is a high-performance, dual-band Unifi U6-Pro WiFi 6 access point ideal for home and office use. The U6 Pro is capable of reaching an aggregate throughput rate up to 5.3 Gbps with its 5 GHz (4x4 MIMO) and 2.4 GHz (2x2 MIMO) bands, which allows it to support over 300 concurrently connected clients while maintaining an even, reliable wireless experience across your entire network. It can also isolate your guest traffic to ensure optimal security and speed. The U6 Pro also operates at full 4x4 MIMO with 160 MHz channels to create high-capacity wireless uplinks and facilitate faster data transfer. It can be set up in minutes and fully managed with the UniFi Network application*.

    Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Pro: The Best Wireless Access Point for Businesses

    Get the best wireless coverage for your business with the Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Pro. This powerful access point features advanced management and security features, making it perfect for businesses of any size.

     The Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Pro is a wireless access point that offers advanced management and security features for businesses. With its powerful performance and easy-to-use interface, it is the perfect choice for businesses of any size.


    • Dual-band 2x2 MIMO technology: The Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Pro supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, allowing you to connect more devices and achieve faster speeds.

    • Advanced security features: The Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Pro includes advanced security features such as WPA2-Enterprise, RADIUS support, and guest portal/hotspot support.

    • Easy-to-use interface: The Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Pro features an easy-to-use interface that allows you to easily manage and monitor your network.

    • Scalability: The Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Pro can be easily expanded as your business grows, with the ability to add more access points as needed.


    • Improved wireless coverage: The Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Pro provides strong, reliable wireless coverage, ensuring that all of your employees have access to the network.

    • Enhanced security: The advanced security features of the Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Pro help to protect your business from cyber threats.

    • Easy management: The easy-to-use interface of the Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Pro makes it simple to manage and monitor your network.

    • Scalability: The Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Pro can easily grow with your business, allowing you to add more access points as needed.

    If you are looking for the best wireless access point for your business, the Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Pro is the perfect choice. With its powerful performance, advanced security features, and easy-to-use interface, it is the ideal solution for businesses of any size

    Included Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Pro universal mounting plate, backing plate, and screw kit - NO POE injector included

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