Ubiquiti U6-LITE UniFi AP WiFi6 LITE - No POE Injector Included


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    Ubiquiti Inc offers a broad and expanding portfolio of networking products and solutions for service providers and enterprises. Their service provider product platforms provide carrier-class network infrastructure for fixed wireless broadband, wireless backhaul systems and routing. Their enterprise product platforms provide wireless LAN infrastructure, video surveillance products, switching and routing solutions and machine-to-machine communication components. Ubiquiti Networks believes that their products are highly differentiated due to proprietary software protocol innovation, firmware expertise, and hardware design capabilities.

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    Ubiquiti U6-Lite UniFi AP WiFi6 LITE - No POE included

    Ubiquiti U6-Lite UniFi AP WiFi6 LITE

    • Introduction to the Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Lite

    • Features of the Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Lite

    • How the Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Lite Can Benefit Your Small Business

    • Why the Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Lite is the Best Choice for Your Small Business


    The Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Lite is a wireless access point designed specifically for small businesses. With its compact size and affordable price, it offers advanced management and security features that make it perfect for small businesses.


    • Dual-band 2x2 MIMO technology: The Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Lite supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, allowing you to connect more devices and achieve faster speeds.

    • Advanced security features: The Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Lite includes advanced security features such as WPA2-Enterprise, RADIUS support, and guest portal/hotspot support.

    • Easy-to-use interface: The Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Lite features an easy-to-use interface that allows you to easily manage and monitor your network.

    • Compact size: The Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Lite is small and lightweight, making it easy to install and position in your small business.


    • Improved wireless coverage: The Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Lite provides strong, reliable wireless coverage, ensuring that all of your employees have access to the network.

    • Enhanced security: The advanced security features of the Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Lite help to protect your small business from cyber threats.

    • Easy management: The easy-to-use interface of the Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Lite makes it simple to manage and monitor your network.

    • Affordable price: The Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Lite is an affordable option for small businesses, making it easy to get the wireless coverage you need without breaking the bank.

    If you are a small business owner looking for the best wireless access point, the Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Lite is the perfect choice. With its compact size, advanced security features, and easy-to-use interface, it is the ideal solution for small businesses.

    Ubiquiti U6-LITE UniFi 6 Lite is a 2x2 WiFi 6 access point that delivers up to 1.5 Gbps aggregate radio rate with 5 GHz (MU-MIMO and OFDMA) and 2.4 GHz (MIMO) radios. Mount UniFi 6 Lite horizontally in the ceiling to cover a high-density environment, or mount it vertically on the wall to extend its range. UniFi 6 Lite has a compact and nano-sized design, so it can use nanoHD covers and mounting accessories.

    Included Ubiquiti Unifi U6-Lite universal mounting plate, backing plate, and screw kit - NO POE injector included

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