RF Elements TP-ADAP-e2K TwistPort™ Adaptor for ePMP™ 2000 AP, ePMP4500L and 400c


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    RF Elements
    RF Elements

    RF Elements solve the issue of interference in wireless networks by our proprietary technology based on noise rejecting antennas, virtually lossless connector and systems scalability. We deliver technology for fast, sustainable wireless.

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    RF Elements TP-ADAP-e2K TwistPort™ Adaptor for ePMP™ 2000 AP

    The RF Elements The TwistPort Adaptor for ePMP™ 2000 AP makes the ePMP™2000 series compatible with all TwistPort™ Antennas. TwistPort™ Adaptors are equipped with our original quick-locking waveguide port. Connecting and disconnecting the ePMP™ 2000 AP into the TwistPort™ Adaptor is very simple and requires no tools.

    TP-ADAP-E2K Technical Data

    • Antenna Connection  TwistPort™ - Quick-Locking Waveguide Port
    • Radio Connection 2x Slide-On RP-SMA
    • Materials - Aluminium Alloy
    • Adaptor - UV stabilised and weather resistant ABS plastic
    • Flame Rating UL 94 HB
    • Temperature -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F)
    • Wind Survival 160 km/h
    • Weight 0.42 Kg 

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