RF Elements SH-TP-5-80 Symmetrical Horn 80 degree cone coverage


Product Code: SH-TP-5-80

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    RF Elements
    RF Elements

    RF Elements solve the issue of interference in wireless networks by our proprietary technology based on noise rejecting antennas, virtually lossless connector and systems scalability. We deliver technology for fast, sustainable wireless.

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    RF Elements SH-TP-5-80 Symmetrical Horn 80 degree cone coverage

    The RF Elements Symmetrical Sector antennas have symmetrical beam pattern in both horizontal and vertical panes. The beam pattern does not vary with frequency, and antenna gain is balanced over wide frequency range. Symmetrical Horn antennas are low loss and have attenuated side radiation lobes. These features make them excellent for use as Sector antennas.

    SH-TP-5-80 5GHz Symmetrical Horn

    • Antenna Connection TwistPortTM - Quick Locking Waveguide Port
    • Antenna Type Horn
    • Environmental IP55
    • Temperature -30°C to +55°C (-22°F to +131°F)
    • Wind Survival 160 km/hour
    • Frequency Range 4900 - 6200 MHz
    • Product ID SH-TP-5-80
    • Gain 11 dBi

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