Luxonis Luxonis OAK-D-S2 Auto-Focus 12MP IMX378 Auto & 2x OV9282 Camera

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    Luxonis' mission is to improve the engineering efficiency of embedding performant, spatial AI + CV into products. They do this by building and maintaining the open-source DepthAI ecosystem and RobotHub management platform. In other words, they build the core technology that allows human-like perception in real products - allowing 0-to-1 applications in nearly every industry. The technology allows solving problems that need human-like perception, but say in a 1" cube.

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    Luxonis OAK-D-S2 Auto-Focus 12MP IMX378 Auto & 2x OV9282

    OAK-D-S2 Auto-Focus A00498

    The OAK-D S2 is the series 2 of the OAK-D. The main difference is that OAK-D S2 has a smaller enclosure and is therefore lighter. OAK-D S2 also doesn’t have a barrel jack for supplying power, so it only has a USB-C connector for both power and communication.

    Both the Fixed-Focus and Auto-Focus variants have fixed-focus grayscale stereo cameras. The Auto-Focus vs. Fixed-Focus variants of OAK-D-Lite differ only in the 12.3 MP color camera. Fixed-Focus has the lens fixed in place mechanically and cannot move, whereas Auto-Focus has an electromagnet that controls the lens position dynamically.

    Auto-Focus can focus on objects dynamically, which is mainly useful for objects within 50cm of the device. Auto-focus cameras can also be manually set to a specific focus position utilizing our API.

    Fixed-Focus is recommended for heavy-vibration applications (e.g., drones, lawnmowers, bikes w/out suspension, etc. (see video)

    Both Auto-Focus and Fixed-Focus can clearly see objects beyond 50 cm, working between 50 cm and infinity. Auto-Focus has the advantage that it can focus on objects as close as 10cm

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