Luxonis OAK-1 Auto-Focus 12MP IMX378 Auto USB Camera

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    Luxonis' mission is to improve the engineering efficiency of embedding performant, spatial AI + CV into products. They do this by building and maintaining the open-source DepthAI ecosystem and RobotHub management platform. In other words, they build the core technology that allows human-like perception in real products - allowing 0-to-1 applications in nearly every industry. The technology allows solving problems that need human-like perception, but say in a 1" cube.

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    Luxonis OAK-1 Auto-Focus 12MP IMX378 Auto USB

    OAK-1 Auto-Focus A00109

    OAK-1 isn’t a standard USB camera. It’s a 4-trillion-operations-per-second AI powerhouse that performs your AI models on-board, so that your host is free to do whatever you need it to do.

    Its integrated 12 MegaPixel camera module communicates over an on-board 2.1 Gbps MIPI interface directly to the Myriad X, which ingests this data and performs neural inference on it, returning the results over USB.

    Such a data path offloads the host processor from all of this work. In the common use case of object detection from a 12MP image, this means your host is now dealing with a 24 Kbps stream of what the objects are and where they are in the image, instead of a 2.1 Gbps stream of video. So an 87,500 reduction in data your host has to deal with.

    And such a reduction means that even on relatively-slow hosts, one can use dozens of OAK-1 without burdening the host CPU.

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