KP Performance KP-5PDN-2 600mm 4.9-6.4GHz Parabolic 2 x N-Type

Product Code: KP-5PDN-2

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    KP Performance Antennas
    KP Performance Antennas

    With decades of in-the-field expertise as former WISP operators and Ph.D. antenna engineers, KP Performance Antennas helps Wireless Internet Service Providers maximize ROI with products engineered to exceed industry expectations by delivering superior throughput, greater service coverage, dependable performance and reduced maintenance costs, while also providing responsive service and expert technical support.

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    KP-Performance KP-5PDN-2 600mm 4.9-6.4GHz Parabolic 2 x N-Type 

    This ProLine Parabolic Antenna is engineered to suppress side-lobes and back-lobes and are excellent at rejecting interference. These parabolic antennas maximize the potential of your radio by improving signal strength and reducing the noise floor in your link. Our parabolic antennas are perfectly suited for high density point-to-point client-premises or backhaul applications.

    The KP-5PDN-2 is a 2-foot, 29 dBi parabolic antenna operating from 4.9 GHz to 6.4 GHz. This 2-port parabolic antenna features H/V or ±45° slant polarization options and boasts excellent front-to-back of 40 dB.

    Product Code: KP-5PDN-2


    • Stable gain over ultra-wide bandwidth of 4.9 GHz - 6.4 GHz

    • Optimized F/B & side-lobe suppression minimizes interference

    • Built-in universal pipe-mount bracket for connectorised radio mounting directly to back of dish

    • Patent Pending Quick-Connect Waveguide technology

    • Installs in minutes to reduce service calls and installation time

    • Quick connect waveguide allows rapid change of polarisation

    • Integrated handle / hoisting hook for added safety and convenient installation

    • Heavy-duty bracket with fine elevation and azimuth adjustmentMounts to any size mast from 0.75" to 4.5"

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