Hana Wireless HW-NM-03 NEMA Mounting Kit-Pole Dia 75 to 100mm


Product Code: HW-NM-03

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    Hana Wireless
    Hana Wireless

    Hana Wireless provides quality components for both the indoor and outdoor wired and wireless broadband solutions. Product categories include: antennas, enclosures, unique custom kits, mounts, adapters, power supplies and pre-made jumper cables. Hana Wireless is dedicated to having the right choice of parts that can make a real difference in the outcome of your wireless broadband communications project. Products are designed to meet the standards comparable to those of other major manufactures and used across the globe at a more down-to-earth price point.

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    Hana Wireless HW-NM-03 NEMA Mounting Kit-Pole Dia 75 to 100mm

    NEMA Universal Pole Mounting Kit make mounting fast and easy. This kit is used to mount HW-N14-1 or HW-N18-1 series weatherproof enclosure to 3″ (76.2mm) to 4″ (101.6mm) Dia. Poles. For larger diameter poles, slots are provided in the rails for 1/2″ (12.7mm) wide worm drive clamps.

    Product Code: HW-NM-03

    • Stainless steel rails

    • Rails securely bolted to the enclosure

    • Stamped in gripping edges in rails to grip pole

    • Heavy-Duty U-Bolts to secure enclosure to the pole

    • This mount allows you to use stainless strap band clamps to mount the enclosure to large diameter pipes and poles (Using straps    may require using a safety cable to restrain the enclosure in the event that the straps fail)


    • WLAN

    • Industrial Ethernet

    • SCADA

    • Remote site installations

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