Polyphaser CASPP250LLPL010-6FT 6 FT Plenum Rated 4.3-10 to SMA M/M SPP-250-LLPL Low PIM Cable Jumper


Product Code: CASPP250LLPL010-6FT

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    PolyPhaser leads the market with its patented RF protection solutions, specifically supporting communications systems. Based on its extensive experience with multi-stage surge protection, PolyPhaser continuously expands its product offering to support the needs of advanced applications with technologies such as DC Block, DC Pass and Ultra Low PIM.

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    Polyphaser CASPP250LLPL010-6FT 6 FT Plenum Rated 4.3-10 to SMA M/M SPP-250-LLPL Low PIM Cable Jumper

    Polyphaser CASPP250LLPL010-6FT is a 6 FT Plenum Rated 4.3-10 to SMA M/M SPP-250-LLPL Low PIM Cable Jumper built using high quality components by skilled technicians to ensure a reliable product. The 4.3-10 Male to SMA Male jumper connections are designed to industry standard interface dimensions to ensure superior performance. These low PIM corrugated cable assemblies are durable and plenum rated for applications that require these parameters. All PolyPhaser cable assemblies are available for same day shipment to fulfill your urgent needs. This high-quality RF coaxial assembly is perfect in many RF Interconnect applications such as distributed antenna systems (DAS), plenum installations, low PIM applications, and many other RF systems. The CASPP250LLPL010-6FT 4.3-13 to SMA low PIM cable assembly is the perfect companion to PolyPhaser line of products, particularly when used as an antenna jumper.

    The quarter inch low PIM plenum rated coax used in these 4.3-13 to SMA assemblies is a .250 inch diameter copper corrugated coax with a blue FEP jacket. This cable's PTFE dielectric is low loss material with a phase velocity of 76% and offers excellent passive intermodulation (PIM) performance better than -160 dBc. The construction of the quarter inch copper corrugated jumper results in a minimum bend radius of 1.25 inches. The cable assembly's combination of 4.3-13 to SMA M/M and Times Microwave's SPP-250-LLPL low PIM plenum rated cable supports a maximum operation frequency of 5.8 GHz. Each cable assembly is installed with heat shrink booting on each end and a PIM label with the measured PIM level. You can find detailed performance specifications in the product datasheet. All PolyPhaser assemblies are tested and inspected prior to shipping.


    • Max Frequency 5.8 GHz

    • Low PIM: -160 dBc Max

    • UL 910 Plenum Rated

    • FEP Jacket

    • Shielding Effectivity > 100 dB

    • 100% Tested with PIM Test Results Marked on Cable

    • 1.25 Inch Minimum Bend Radius

    • Low Loss with Excellent VSWR

    • Applications

    • Distributed Antennas Systems (DAS)

    • Low PIM Applications

    • Plenum Installations

    • Multi-Carrier Communication Systems

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